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About Our Artists

McIntyre’s inspiration for creating one-of-a-kind designs are revealed in the exclusive styles of hand-painted tiles, sculptures and unique textures created by our very own McIntyre Tile artists.

Featured Artists

Since 1987, Rosemary Brawley’s tile designs have been a fixture in McIntyre’s portfolio with her trademark floral motifs, flower patterns and large scale murals.

Photo of Rosemary Brawley

After his skill for sculpting wood was recognized at a Sonoma County Woodworkers Show in 1982, Ralph Carlson was introduced to tile design. Years later, Ralf’s custom carved tiles can still be seen in many of the buildings in Santa Rosa, CA.

As a production supervisor for McIntyre, Alfredo Garcia’s experience in manufacturing lead to creative ideas of his own, including decorative tile murals and specialty designs. His study and excitement for painting and sculptures inspired McIntyre’s popular series, Piedras.

Photo of Alfredo Garcia

Susan Greenleaf explores form and surface texture with a strong involvement in the mysteries of the natural world. Her artistic expression is translated in McIntyre’s Botanicals series, which features textured relief surfaces with intimate and sculptural designs.

Photo of Susan Greenleaf

Kenyon Lewis’s passion for the beauty of landscape and textures is found in McIntyre’s Contours series. Inspired by the environment, Contours illustrates the patterns of random symmetry and elegance created by the natural forces of nature.

Photo of Kenyon Lewis

Distinguished artist, Brenda Rose, creates signature designs in her collection of hand-painted artisan tiles featuring landscape scenes, animals and plants. Each hand-painted tile is uniquely created by Brenda’s own ceramic approach and techniques.

Photo of Brenda Rose

Mary Taylor’s spirit and passion for wildlife and nature inspires her unique tile designs. Mary’s creative direction and ambition led to the development McIntyre’s original wet-cut mosaic technique and hand-painted tiles.

Photo of Mary Taylor

Laurel True’s artistic touch adds beauty and liveliness to ceramic murals. Each custom mural design is created by combining colorful glazes and shapes for the most imaginative scenes.

Photo of Laurel True