General Description

1/2” Bed Depth, Wire Cut Texture Units available in modular (2-1/4”x7-5/8”), modified standard (2-1/2”x8”), closure (3-5/8”x7-5/8”), modified norman (2-1/2”x11-1/2”) or modified utility (3-1/2”x11-1/2”). (Available in field, corners, and edge caps). 

The ceramic glaze properties of finish shall be according to ASTM 1405, Grade S, Type I, Class Exterior and fused to the body at temperatures in excess of 2000F. The Physical Properties shall be according ASTM C1088, Type TBS, Grade Exterior. Units with special or decorative glazes may not meet the requirements for properties of finish for crazing, hardness or abrasion resistance.

Allow 6-10 weeks production time at time of purchase order was received to production completion.